Dear Daina & Kevin, I wish I had more projects like 220 Burnhamthorpe where you applied your expertise in using the polished Grassello Di Calce plaster finish on the fireplace and the acid green Marmorino accent wall in the master bedroom. Wow! This wonderful green wall has been the focus of conversation amongst many visitors, tradesmen and other artisans entering the suite. I just love what you have done. You took my inspiration to a whole other level and created an art piece. Your expertise in applying the specialty plaster and overall painting is exceptional. We both know we were working for a client that would only accept the highest level of quality, good service and great care on his home. You succeeded with flying colours! No pun intended. I will eventually send you photos – just waiting for artwork to be finalized and installed. It’s been an ongoing process for the finishing touches as he is only here twice a year. I would not hesitate to use you again. Your professionalism and patience superseded the call of duty. Love the flat and it’s due to your overall attention to detail and wonderful Italian plaster. Sincerely, Marlene Card. Principle, Card & Company (April 23, 2007)