Hi Janice. I am taking the liberty of writing you this note in order to pass along the names of some very fine house painters who have done extraordinary work for us. The name of the company is Chameleon Painting & Specialty Plaster – the two principals are who do all of the work are Kevin Nicol & Daina Zeoli-Bray. Not only are they very fine people with whom it is a pleasure to work but they also have a fine sense of colour and are highly sensitive to hues, shades etc. They are artists & general painters. Knowing you and your interests, I think you would get along well with them and very much appreciate their work.  Kevin & Daina have done many projects in our house and will do so the next time we decide to paint anew. They have worked with us to get a colour exactly right – even to the point of coming over late one night before a trip which we were taking before they were about to start a project. I think that you (and your clients) would be happy with any work which they do. I hope you don’t mind my passing this along – as you know, it is very hard to find good people – so I thought you might appreciate having their names.  Regards, Susan F. (February 14, 2009)