In July, 2007, my partner, Marlys, and I were selling our home on Balmoral Avenue in Toronto. On the main floor, a sink overflowed and water came through the ceiling.  Desperate, I looked in the yellow pages and by chance located Chameleon at 416-779-0380.  Much to my surprise, Kevin Nicol & Daina Zeoli-Bray came to our home right away and fixed the ceiling. A week later – unbelievably – on a different floor, the same problem. Kevin & Daina, once again came to the rescue. Six months later, they were asked to paint the entire house, no small feat given the average ceiling height is 10 feet and in some places 18-24 feet. Incredibly, they completed the work within 2 weeks with no mess or breakage! They did a terrific job. Not only are they skilled, but also they are delightful to be around. In short, they are pleasant people who care very much about the quality of their work and who charge a reasonable fee for their work. Without reservation I would highly recommend Kevin & Daina.

Regards, Dr. Graham T. (April 25, 2008)