Limestone Plaster

Chameleon specializes in the custom application of fine mineral based plasters sourced from Italy.  Quarried from mines just outside of Venice, these authentic limestone, granite and marble architectural coatings are known to have the purest limestone in the world.

In addition to being low VOC, these plasters are naturally insulating, mildew resistant with excellent water vapour permeability and absorb toxins including CO2 from the environment.  They offer not only a seamless aesthetic beauty but are also renowned for their extreme durability. The versatile nature of these Venetian stucco plasters allow us to custom match virtually any colour swatch or sample.

The Green Building Movement focuses on the quality of our home and workplace environments.   These coatings are perfectly suited to this emerging new trend. Their natural composition makes them an ideal eco-friendly alternative to the synthetic materials commonly found in faux finishes today.

All of our finishes are applied by hand using stainless steel trowels.   Through the manipulation of the stone we are able to adjust the overall amount of sheen or texture to suit the individual preferences of our clients. Depending on the grade of plaster chosen, we can achieve highly polished contemporary finishes or more traditional old world looks.

It is difficult to appreciate the tactile diversity of these products through pictures.   For this reason, we have created an extensive portfolio of sample boards in various colours and finishes.   We have found that allowing our clients to study these samples and explore the options available helps them visualize and ultimately decide on the right finish for their project.